As space to build new homes in the GTA becomes more limited and land more expensive, first time buyers and young families are turning towards condos and townhouses more than ever before. That dream of the big house with the fenced yard often has to wait a couple years!

But just because you are compromising on square footage doesn’t mean a well-designed small space won’t work just as well!

Sometimes I have to help my first time buyers envision what their potential space will look like and come up with pre-preemptive solutions to their storage needs.

From the front door to your bedroom closet, here are some of my favorite space-saving tips and items room by room!


In the Living Room

In today’s condos, open concept and flex spaces are more common. You likely don’t have a guest bedroom, extra closets, a separate dining room, a separate home office – so you have to make your space work for your needs! The best way to do this is to find furniture that offers a dual purpose!

Need storage?
Find a coffee table / end table with space to store things. Whether that means drawers, or a shelf so you can utilize organizational boxes.

Entertain quite a bit? Eat in front of the tv?
Find an expandable coffee table to accommodate room for all your friends (and the snacks that go with it!)

Work from home but don’t have space for a desk?
Try a coffee table with built in storage and a lid that raises up to desk level!
 The Home Depot Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table in Craftsman Oak

Love having friends and family stay over, but live in a one bedroom?
A sofa-bed or a futon can become your best friend! There are some fantastic sofa-bed options out there these days that look great, are comfortable, and offer built in storage for guest bedding!IKEA BRÅTHULT 


In the Kitchen/Dining Room

Tight on space to accommodate a full table?
Consider an island with a drop leaf, an island with seating that fits right into it, or an expandable dining table!

Wayfair Charity 3 Piece Kitchen Island Set


In the Bedroom

It’s all about storage in the bedroom. Sometimes you just don’t have space for a dresser, a bed side table, or your shoe collection 😉

Roomy closet but poor set up?
Redesign your storage with closet organizers! There are some great options out there that you can install yourself. Alternatively, make use or a dresser inside your closet and add some storage boxes on the shelf above your hanging clothes.

No room for a dresser or bedside table?
Look into a bedframe with under bed storage, a headboard that doubles as a bookshelf, or this fancy one from IKEA that is a combo of the two!



In the Bathroom

Whether you are just missing a linen closet or this is simply the smallest room in your condo, you need to maximize whatever space you have!

  • Hang a toiletry caddy in the shower instead of leaving toiletries loose around the tub
  • Install a medicine cabinet mirror with built in storage instead of just a mirror
  • Utilize your bathroom door with over the door hooks
  • Install over the toilet storage! These storage cabinets look great and add a ton of storage to your tiny space.

Canadian Tire: For Living Brookfield Spacesaver


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